The Roseville Pottery Company was founded in 1892 by George F. Young in Zanesville, Ohio. This area of Ohio was chosen as a manufacturing site due to the deposits of rich clay in the nearby area. Young would go on to to develop the Roseville Pottery Company into one of the largest American art pottery companies. Many of the early Roseville pieces went under the name "Rozane" and were not as refined as the newer pieces most collectors associate with the Roseville name, usually characterized by floral designs, matte finishes and deco/modern shapes. This was followed by the Rosecraft line in the early 1920's. The company continuted to operate in Zanesville until it went out of business in 1954. Roseville Pottery continues to be highly valued by collectors and investors alike.

Here's a video of some Roseville pottery:

Below you will see a video of the dedication ceremony of a historical marker for the Roseville Pottery Company in Zanesville, OH.

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